What Caused my Astigmatism to Develop at Age 20


Lately I have been wondering what caused my astigmatism to develop at an early adult age. My eyesight was 20/20 but I was getting headaches all of the time, especially when I was studying for exams. Once I saw an eye doctor or ophthalmologist and was diagnosed with astigmatism, I knew what the cause of all of those headaches was. But what causes astigmatism to develop in the first place and what is it anyway?
The simple answer is that you have slightly blurred vision because your brain is trying to focus on two different images at the same time that are produced by your eyes. This causes a great deal of eye strain. In some cases, you may not even actually notice the blurred vision because it is so slight. Even so headaches can soon follow especially if you do a lot of reading or close up work on a computer screen for example. Your eye consists of two curved lenses and if they are mismatched, the light rays will experience a refraction error or in other words they are bent in different directions.
Some people are born with astigmatism and do not know they have it until they visit an eye doctor. Others may find that astigmatism develops as they age as in the writer’s case, or are caused by cataract operations and other impacts on the eye. If you suspect that you have astigmatism, have your eyes checked by an eye doctor. Corrective lenses can be prescribed which will eliminate the blurred vision from astigmatism as well as the headaches you may have been experiencing.
At the same time your eye doctor will tell you that continued reading, computer work etc. will not make it worse. However, if you read without your corrective lenses the headaches will return.

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